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We joined ETSY since 2010, with only months’ time, we become top seller in wedding category on ETSY.Our great skill in making dresses and talented designs were so popular that we decide to work full-time as an ETSY seller. We receive more than 500 emails everyday which requires great attention to reply, during this process,we gained a lot of experience which enables us to do better in our field.


We have more than 1000 different styles on our ETSY shops including wedding dress,bridesmaid dress,prom dress,flower girl dress,veils and other wedding accessories. With our wide range of product line, our customer base is expanding rapidly.We received more than 2,000 positive feedbacks for past 2 years and shared so many memorable moments with them.


Our customers are all over the world and some are retailers who own their wedding shops.It is the most joyful thing to get the recognition from all the customers. These will be our valuable treasure.

Now we move the business from ETSY to our official website at  Here you will find all the loved dresses 
you ever seen on our ETSY store and so many the new styles on but with much better price.
we have our models to show better of the wedding dress,wedding party dresses and the flower girls dresses,We also do promotions and sales every month so come and visit us at to get the best deal

2 Comment(s)

10/12/2016, 08:22:59 PM, Etsy

I ordered a dress from Auto Alive back in 2014 from Etsy, and it was never shipped and they did not return my money. I advise people not to order from this shop.

Brittany Carpenter:
30/01/2020, 01:46:17 AM, I need my dress

Can someone please contact me back about a dress I ordered!!!!! I have been dying for someone to contact me

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